We combine the art of human guidance with our "first of kind" compatibility analytics platform to help you and your partners discover what you want in a firm, in a partnership or in an acquirer.

The team at Advisory DNA helped our firm cut down on the cost, time, and risk associated with finding the right firm to partner with. I would recommend that no advisor or advisory firm should make a decision this important without speaking to Brian and the folks at Advisory DNA.

Firm in California - (1 Billion AUM)

I had no idea of the landscape and what my value was in the industry. Brian and the team helped me discover what I wanted and then provided valuable advice and guidance in navigating the advisory ecosystem to find the right partner.

Advisor in Tennessee - (30 Million AUM)

Brian and the Team at Advisory DNA were transformative with regards to helping our firm find the right partner. The process, the analytics and the results were exactly what we needed to make a career defining transition.

Firm in Tennessee - (110M AUM)

Important Facts


Over 200 successful transitions and transactions in the last 15 years.


Greater than 90% success and retention rate on new partnerships.


The industry’s first analytics based compatibility platform for Financial Advisors and Advisory Firms.

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